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are amazon verified reviews realecentron has gained a reputation for helping mature sap r/3 clients achieve their system and application performance goals through creative tuning techniques (we do more than just implement sap notes). as an example, at one client we were able to reduce the run time of their open order reports from 28 hours (multiple jobs) a day down to 30 minutes. their old reports were technically correct but the entire open order reporting process had to be rethought. while many vendors try to ensure a long-term relationship with a client by making many modifications to the sap standard system, ecentron makes use of the many sap special features and coding techniques to provide functionality not delivered by sap without modifying the base standard functionality not delivered by sap without modifying the base standard code. sap modifications are only performed as a last resort and are thoroughly documented. we can also rework many of the modifications made by other vendors to make them more upgrade friendly and in many cases eliminate them completely.

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ecentron provides practical, cost-effective solutions for all of your performance-related issues. we specialize in optimizing system performance for all phases of a project life cycle.